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Change Happens From The Inside Out

Change happens from the inside out


Our Approach

We take a holistic approach to healthcare delivering a unique, personalised service which provides an all-encompassing mind, body and soul approach to health and healing.

Being healthy is not just about the physical body. Connecting to and gaining an understanding of the deep roots of why we become unhealthy is a vital part of a process which enables change and sets a new level of wellness as the foundation for your future.

Our range of services and experience in all models of health are designed to empower you with the knowledge to truly embody wellness and thrive in all areas of your life. The range includes

  • conventional medicine

  • functional medicine

  • integrative medicine

  • energy medicine

  • healing modalities


About us

Athru is a irish word meaning transformation and change.

Our philosophy comes from a medical model developed over years of personal and professional development, many years of research, personal experience and successful change.

We use a holistic approach and combine conventional, functional and energy mind/body medicine with lifestyle tools, nutrition, yoga, exercise and bodywork to achieve results which guide and support a tailored treatment plan.

Everyone’s journey to health and wellness is unique however there are some common challenges and obstacles which we believe we can help you navigate with our knowledge, experience and intuition.

The aim of Athru Health is to intuitively work with clients to find the answers and solutions best suited for them to make positive changes. We consistently see clients present physically with problems that stem from trauma, childhood programming and subconscious beliefs that are outdated and in most cases untrue.

These are at the core of their ill health. Until this is resolved all the lab testing, data, supplementation and drugs in the world will not get them feeling “well” again.

The medical models currently available fail to address this, hence the rising levels of disease especially chronic disease. The “doctor/patient relationship”, ten minute consults, online/telephone triage models all fail to allow the time connection or energy exchange which is the key step to engage change.

The key to discover the answers and be able to help is to create a space where a person feels safe to connect with the practitioner . Allow themselves to be truly seen and heard.

Knowledge on its own is not always enough, it’s knowing it with your head, feeling it with your heart and applying it with your hands in your daily life. Through education and awareness, connection with our hearts and our intuition and self, and application of all these aspects we can start to create real and sustainable change in our bodys and our hearts and minds.

Our ethos is to transform and change people-one heart at a time. And in doing so transform the way the world thinks about health and wholeness.

When “I” is replaced with “we”, illness turns to wellness.




I haven’t been on a retreat like this before and it was just what I needed. All the different types of care made me realise it’s not just one medical thing, therapy or treatment that can help it’s a mix of them all working in synergy.)Nothing was too much trouble for the Athru team and they all took the time to get to know each of us. It was an environment where I felt safe and nurtured but in a subtle way (I could say and join in as much or as little as I wanted). The Athru team were there to help, inform and educate in a kind, caring and fun way with lots of laughter. (The food and location were fabulous and the other guests made me feel relaxed.) I now have a foundation to build on my wellbeing with the ongoing support of Athru and practitioners I can contact for support.

— Menopausal lady full time carer stress issues 


"was so understanding and has provided me with an invaluable amount of useful advice and information ( and is emailing me more) and offered ongoing support when I was struggling."

— Mother of anorexic Daughter

“A refreshing approach on a retreat. Having been to many retreats, I particularly appreciated Athru in many ways. Notably, the warmth of the staff, the focus on self-reflection and empowerment, and of course the stunning venue and food. This one’s definitely worth a try!”

— Business owner, mum to twins and menopausal


It was my first retreat and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Everyone made me feel very welcome and relaxed. The place and atmosphere is amazing and  the utterly healthy food seemed to work wonders with my gut - (it’s tasty too!) All the staff are great, more like friends than staff. Highly recommended.

— Business owner male late 40s chronic pain and gut issues 


"so empathetic, professional and kind, a perfect combination of medical knowledge and bedside manner. I would highly recommend "

— Middle aged housewife

"provided me with ongoing support at a very difficult time, whilst I undergo treatment for an unusual neurological disorder"

— Financial Technology Consultant