Stress and the menopause


In the world of go go go , we never have time to stop and take a breath. But sometimes we need the time to stop and listen and switch off.  

“Sometimes to move forward we have to retreat”

Take the typical woman I speak to: overburdened, menopausal, over giving, no time for herself and struggling to look after her own needs as too busy juggling the family and everyone else. Maybe managing a business or two, carer for elderly parents or troubled kids and little or no me time except to sleep (and even that’s not restful).

Not only have they a struggle with their female hormones- missing the all important oestrogen , progesterone and in many cases low testosterone too.  This will lead to disruption in sleep, mood changes , anxiety and depression, low libido, sleep issues …to name but a few of the many symptoms . Hot flushes, memory issues and lacking energy the list goes on and it's not fun .....

 On top of that usually burnt out adrenals are a more than common occurrence which exacerbate the problems even further . And worsen the already debilitating symptoms of menopause. 

 At a time of life when kids are leaving home, elderly parents are getting sick and marriages are usually hitting rocky patches - the combination effect can be catastrophic.

Dealing with the hormonal issues with Bio-identical hormone therapy can certainly be life changing but we would be selling our patients short if we ignored what else is going on and didn't  try and help. Replacing hormones is only part of the issue. Helping them address the emotional, psychological and stress issues, looking at self care and how to move forward when life is throwing everything at them is probably equally a priority.

Resetting the balance and getting time for yourself is hard to prioritise in our busy lives but vitally important!


If your cup is empty you can't give to Anyone else . Giving and doing all

The time without receiving and being will Eventually take its toll .

Sometimes it’s as simple as taking twenty mins for yourself every day! That might be all you need :

  • light some candles, 

  • have a bath, 

  • do some yoga,

  • practice mindful eating, book a massage ,

  • have a giggle with your best mate ,

  •  or do something really silly and be a kid again …


Killing yourself at the gym may not be the answer especially if your adrenals are already struggling as you are only going to add to your cortisol problems and put more stress on your system .

The sympathetic fight or flight/stress system for most of us is Already on overdrive with our current lifestyles . Few of us have enough hours in the day and are constantly bombarded by information and technology and lives and triggers that press our " run from a tiger" hormones . 


 We need to learn to switch off , rest and be in our bodies not in our heads .

Yoga and meditation will aid your body rest and digest (parasympathetic Nervous system) and and relaxation and calming your body down. “stop look listen and feel 

The ideal set up would be to take yourself off on a retreat and this worked magically for some clients we did this with in January and are repeating again on next Retreat

Not only did we help them with hormone therapy but we took them away for a few days , switched off their phones and looked  after and nurtured THEM for a change and hey presto. ….

Switch them off from their busy minds , allow them to start listening to their poor overstressed body and give them time and space and a little love and it’s amazing what can happen.

Some lovely yoga and meditations.


Some nice food and rest and good company and lots of laughter ( and a few tears thrown in for good measure). Few walks in nature ( we had snow and some snowball fights and few falls too !!! But we got back up again …)

What do you get ….Transformation !!!

If you feel you could do with some help and can escape for a few days with us we are doing another retreat.

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Elaine McQuade