Do our thoughts and emotions affect our health?


With our current lifestyles, few of us have enough hours in the day and are constantly bombarded by information and technology which trigger our “fight or flight” hormones . 

The effect of the hormones of stress on our system and its impact on illness and disease is now being brought to awareness . Despite having better lifestyles and access to “better” food and health care systems we are seeing more and more disease and sickness. 

Research now is proving the link between stress, trauma and disease. Our thoughts and emotions produce neurotransmitters and chemicals that have a long term effect on our cells and our genes. Chronic stress, trauma and negative thinking producing chemicals being implicated in chronic diseases.

Books like the biology of belief by Bruce Lipton, Molecules of emotion by Candice Pert and The body says No by Gabor Mate provide scientific evidence to support this . The body holds the score by Bessel Van Der Kolk is an enlightening book about trauma and the long term emotional and physical consequences of this especially in early childhood . We've known that psychological trauma fragments the mind. It also breaks connections within the brain, but also between mind and body.

We are now able to see that our thoughts and emotions affect our health. That our bodies and minds aren't distinct from each other and function together as part of an interconnected system. New scientific evidence showing the power of our minds and emotions to affect our health is available and health systems are failing miserably at addressing this . We are bombarded with technology and testing that shows us what is wrong but without looking at the root causes at the core, they alone are unhelpful and sometimes more detrimental in providing Further stress.


Further Reading on mind body interaction

 We need to learn to switch off, rest and listen to our bodies and not just our minds .

We live in a society that from a very young age we are educated and taught to be very much in our minds and not listen or be guided by our body or our intuition. Recent changes in energy medicine and heart math technology are teaching us about mind/ body and heart/mind coherence and the benefits for managing stress pain and illness.

The vision of athru is to contribute to education and change to help people help themselves move forward . Which is entirely possible but only with a holistic approach and in the longer term we hope that this will be available to all.

What we provide is the science with a heart . the ripple effect of change one heart healing the next until we create an avalanche of change ……

Elaine McQuade