What we do

We provide for all your health care needs from medical consultations, nutritional assessments, coaching and mind body work, right through to retreats and ongoing support . Our holistic health packages are bespoke for you and will support you to address the emotional,physical and psychological components of your health. We have a team of experienced practitioners who combine knowledge and expertise to give you all your health care needs in one place.


Medical Holistic

We offer a holistic mind body soul approach to your health care needs.Our aim is to ensure we look at all aspects of your health and use a scientific analysis combined with an intuitive to get to the core of the issues that bring you to our care.

The combination of conventional, functional and energetic -mind/ body- medicine means we can look at all levels of you health-physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.

Mainstream medicine approaches today have lost the art of connecting and communicating with the patient which is lost and vital part of the healing journey. In the society of social media and technology we live in, we are all lacking connection and a space where we can be listened to and really seen. This is the key behind our work and the vital first step in starting the healing journey with our clients.

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Our aim is to offer a number of retreat options that will be tailored to the needs of our clients.

Through these we aim to educate, inform, support and provide an environment to embrace change and be nurtured by our knowledgeable and experienced team to hold the space for you throughout. We have support options for you pre and post retreat whatever your needs so you can continue the journey of change with someone there to guide you at all times.

These retreats will offer a package of holistic care and lifestyle changes and follow up options to sustain support and maintain the change post retreat.

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Lifestyle options

We have a team of professionals to take care of you and we can offer:

  • Nutrition and lifestyle consultations and packages

  • Health coaching

  • Life/relationship/meditation coaching

  • Heartmath coaching

  • Bowen therapy

  • Craniosacral therapy

  • Yoga therapy interventions

  • Energy healing

  • Muscle activation therapy

  • Physiotherapy

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We can offer an array of tests to look at all aspects of your health-gut, genetic, hormones-male female and adrenal/ thyroid testing as well as genetic tests.

These will be tailored to you based on a consult with a medical professional /nutritional therapist.

Treatment plans will consist of quality supplement protocols, hormonal supplementation, and options for iv vitamin, mineral and antioxidants.

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Tests & Treatments