Meet The Team

We developed the team at Athru based on the experience of needing a more holistic health experience combining a wide range of modalities and expertise, understanding that there a many layered approach to health is needed .

The combination approach and working together means we can provide an all encompassing deeper multi disciplinary mind body soul package bespoke to each individual personal need.

We gently and intuitively assess each person and create a plan of action supported and enabled by us.

As solo practitioners we are aware that we don’t hold all the answers and use our team approach not only to support you as a whole but also to support each other in promoting the best space and nurturing environment for all.

We understand from experience that a combination approach is needed and desperately lacking in the current medical model. There is often a mismatch and a conflict between conventional and alternative practices when actually both are valuable and required to give the ultimate health outcome.



DR Elaine McQuade - Medical Director

Elaine is the founder of the AthruHealth and has a vision to provide a revitalized approach to healthcare and wellness. The goal is to create a new innovative holistic health model which has the client at the heart centre.

Elaine has over 20 years experience in the NHS covering general medicine, paediatrics and specialising in palliative care before training as a GP. She has worked as an NHS GP for ten years and then cross trained into Functional medicine and bioidentical hormones. She has qualification and practical experience as an NLP practitioner, in family constellation therapy and more recently been developing her skills in energy, mind/body approaches to health.

She has a very heart centred approach to health and works very intuitively to connect, guide support and promote positive holistic health transformation.



Olivier Sanchez NTDip rCHNC - Chef , Naturopath and Nutritional Therapist

Oliver is a fully registered Naturopath and Nutritional Therapist and is an expert in stress and stress-related conditions, including the many multifactorial inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

He has undergone intense training in Naturopathic Medicine (includes the learning of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), in-depth nutrition, detoxification, homeopathy, the basics of herbal medicine, and more.

His timely discovery of Naturopathic Nutrition has finally provided the tools he needed to pursue his calling: helping people.

Through constant research and studying, Olivier is amassing an entire set of tools with up-to-date evidence in order to help his clients reach an optimum state of health. A qualified Iridologist, certified in Sport & Nutrition, Cleanse, Detox & Weight Management, his ongoing training includes NLP and Personal

Performance Coaching, both exceptional techniques, he believes, can help identify blockages and barriers that may prevent many from moving forwards, and becoming the person they only dreamed of, healthy and happy.

Olivier is also a Michelin-trained Chef with over 25 years of experience in restaurants and private employment for the rich and famous. An Ambassador of Naturopathic Cuisine, he has designed, tried and tested many original recipes for national magazines and blogs.

Additionally, Olivier helped launch and was the leading lecturer and practical teacher for the UK’s first Natural Chef and Vegan Natural Chef courses, teaching students the basics of cooking including various subjects on naturopathic nutrition as part of the curriculum.

oliviver sanchez bw.png


Janette Kirk-Willis Resilience Specialist.

Janette is a resilience specialist, positive psychology coach and trainer. Having spent 30 years coaching people through change in the corporate world she now spends her time coaching and consulting with individuals, teams and organisation. She has a person centred, calm, non-judgemental and wholly supportive approach. Janette has a particular interest in resilience and change; menopausal support, managing physiology and self-compassion. She loves working one to one with individuals to help them to move closer to flourishing. Janette was recently a wellbeing panel member at the ‘Women of the World’ festival and ran the South West’s first Menopause Café. She is a ‘Fellow’ of CIPD, has a Master’s degree in Strategic HR and a Post Grad in Positive Psychology and Coaching. She is a Master practitioner of RQi, a resilience psychometric developed at the University of Westminster.




Vera is a Bowens Therapist, practices Craniosacral work and is also a trained yoga teacher. Through light touch and a very in-depth intuitive approach, she is able to hold the space for you to to awaken your individual self healing mechanism, reuniting the mind and body and restoring vitality and balance.

She will from a very profound heart felt space gently tap the core to enable the system to be fully awakened to its full potential. The techniques she uses conspicuously shift deep rooted fulcrums in the body as well as creating emotional change.

Vera has a very unique yoga practice combining with some of the Bowen techniques, allowing ways to develop an ever deeper understanding of the inner wisdom and potential of the body, mind and spirit.


stuartdillon athruhealth.jpg

stuart dillon - Operations

Stuart provides all the business and technical expertise to keep AthruHealth ticking along. He has over 18 years of experiencing working IT/finance and also a wealth of experience in the health industry over the past five years coupled with a keen interest in personal health and performance fitness.

He has seen from his own experience the huge benefits of an inclusive approach to integrating all modalities of medicine with the available data (wearable and biomarker) . Collectively they can make a meaningful change to a person’s life by providing knowledge , guidance and ultimately empowerment of the individual to take greater ownership and direction of their health.